Like no other we, caribbean palms, know how difficult it can be for you to judge which trees or plants you can use in the garden or hotel. That's why we can make a planting plan.

What Is A Planting Plan?

A planting plan is a drawing that specifies the plants and palms that will be put into your garden. It shows the position, variety and quantity of plants for any given area. Each plant has its own carefully created symbol and each symbol is listed in a key alongside the plant’s Latin name and a concise description.

The planting plan for your garden will ensure that the garden is packed with year round colour and interest.

Plants and palms are carefully selected to create the right look and feel to complement the hard landscaping. Our expert designers will ensure you have the right plant for the right place and tailor the scheme to your level of expertise and the amount of time available to maintain the garden.




What we do in 7 steps





  • Our adviser comes to you and looks at the situation

  • We fill in a list with a number of questions like which colors you want in the garden. These kind of questions will be discussed

  • Our advisor will put all sizes down on paper
  • A plan is made based on the sizes and wishes

  • The plan will then be discussed with you and adjusted if necessary

  • Our adviser will make an offer for you.

  • If you agree with the quotation, we will look at the planning together, after which we will start realizing the project.



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 About us

We are specialized in transporting and nursing all kind of exclusive palm trees.. Caribbean Palms, is more than just a name, it's a commitment to providing our customers with the finest selections of real palm trees. Caribbean Palms has it's own show area / nursery with a wide selection of different palm trees to choose from. 

Can't find that exact palm tree you are looking for? Don't worry! We are specialized in finding and transporting all kind of palm trees, sizes and quantities. Also are we very happy to advise you about garden design, construction and maintenance. When you buy from us you can expect the very best quality for the best price!